Women's Health

Cayman Physiotherapy offers an innovative approach to women's health in a peaceful, supportive environment. Our treatment program is designed by women for women.
Pelvic health physiotherapy treatment may include:

  • External and internal manual therapy including myofascial release, trigger point release and joint mobilization
  • Advice and education
  • Development of an individualized program of graduated exercise tailored to the patient’s condition

We encourage a holistic approach to treatment and often work in conjunction with our specialist acupuncturists, licensed massage therapists and clinical Pilates specialists.

The pelvic floor muscles play five important roles in the body. 

These five important jobs only get done when the pelvic floor muscles are working properly:

  • 1. Organ support - The pelvic floor muscles support our bladder, uterus, rectum, and important abdominal organs against gravity and any added downward pressure.
  • 2. Stability - The pelvic floor is one of four muscles making up our inner ‘core’, which stabilizes our pelvis and lower back. 
  • 3. Sphincteric function - These are the muscles which control both the opening of the urethra, where urine comes out, and rectum, where feces and/or gas come out. The pelvic floor muscles prevent leakage of urine, feces and gas.
  • 4. Sexual Function - The pelvic floor plays a role in orgasm but can also cause painful intercourse.
  • 5. Circulation - The pelvic floor muscles act as a ‘sump pump’ to pump blood back up towards the heart.

Some of the conditions patients are referred to us for are:

  • Pelvic pain/dysfunction
  • Stress/Urge incontinence
  • Bowel incontinence
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Pre-natal patients – specialist treatment and advice for pregnant patients
  • Postnatal check-up - including diastasis (tummy gap), pelvic floor assessment and low back/pelvic assessment. Advice on return to sport postnatally
  • Coccyx pain
  • Post-surgical assessment/treatment/advice – hysterectomy, C-section, hernia repair and episiotomy

What to expect at your first visit with one of our women’s health physiotherapists:

  • 45-60 minutes evaluation, this may include an internal examination
  • Private room
  • Education
  • Development of an individualized treatment plan 

Follow up visits are usually 45 minutes and you will be advised if internal work will be needed as part of your treatment plan. It is advisable to wear or bring yoga pants or shorts for your comfort.

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