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Testimonial for Gavin Kervill

If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke, please allow us to share our family’s journey

through acupuncture with you; For over a decade, our mother’s physical health and
cognition steadily declined due to dementia. She was still walking and interacting with others
but with increasing difficulty. One day in late November 2023, signs of a stroke became
evident. Based on her cognitive condition, there seemed little else that could be done to
improve her condition. Eerily, we had been through a comparable situation with our dad in
2021; we braced ourselves as we faced the dreaded thought of losing our mum too.
After the stroke, our mother was unable to communicate, suffered complete loss of
movement in her right leg and, though she could lift her right arm, could no longer control the
movements of the arm or her hand. Her right eye was bloodshot and the hearing in her right
ear was diminished as well. After the stroke, her entire body began retaining fluid which
concerned us deeply as it reminded us of our dad’s renal failure. Dad had often shared how
acupuncture under the skilful care of Gavin had brought him relief.
Shortly after the stroke, a family member was informed that acupuncture has been
proven to help stroke victims; in fact, the sooner a stroke victim begins treatment, the better
the chances of obtaining favourable results. The acupuncturist also reminded us that strokes
often reoccur despite rigorous efforts to prevent them. Open to the hope of relief from pain
and discomfort for our mother, the family agreed to try acupuncture. With weeks already lost,
our expectations for any significant changes were low; but we were in for the surprise of our
Astonished to be witnessing such remarkable outcomes so soon, we witnessed every
major effect of Mama’s stroke dissipate and for the first time in weeks, she became
responsive! Within five treatments over the following two months, acupuncture brought
consistent gradual improvements. Our mother’s unique personality began to shine through
and her ability to communicate returned. Our expectations now exceeded, we were
overwhelmed with joy to have her back and feeling better. Soon regaining the control of her
limbs’ movements, she was able to sit up and enjoy her family’s company again.
In January of this year, 2024, one of our mother’s cousins also suffered a massive
stroke, which left him in a coma for two and a half months. On the third day after receiving
his first treatment from Gavin, he opened his eyes… We see this correlation of acupuncture
and astoundingly hopeful results as more than mere coincidence.
At the end of one of Mama’s first acupuncture sessions, as Gavin was leaving, he
held her hand and told her he wanted her to start moving both her legs again. The evening
after, we sat talking to her and watched in amazement as she slowly began making circles
with first the left and then the right foot - as if sitting at the edge of a boat intently stirring the
water below with her feet.
The time we had with our mother over the last two months, we cherish. Sadly, Mama
suffered a final attack that took her physically from us. We are so thankful for those two
precious months and for the improved quality of her life. Acupuncture was the key that
unlocked the door to this priceless experience for our family. We wish healing and recovery
for other stroke victims and their families. We are forever grateful for the compassionate and
professional acupuncture services of Gavin Kervill.
The family of Mr. and Mrs. Rupert D. Ebanks, both of blessed memory.

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