What is Occupational Therapy?

Illness, disability or getting older can make doing the things that are important more difficult, or seemingly impossible. This can include everyday tasks such as getting washed and dressed in the morning, managing domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning, or participating in a meaningful hobby.
Occupational therapy provides practical support to empower people to overcome barriers that prevent them from doing the activities (or occupations) that matter to them.
This support enhances people’s ability to function in their physical and social environment, increasing their independence and helping enhance their quality of life.

Who do Occupational Therapists help?

Occupational therapists support anyone who is having difficulty doing the things that matter to them.
Being able to do these activities can be significantly affected by:

  • neurological conditions such as a stoke or MS
  • old age
  • anxiety and depression
  • a joint replacement or arthritis
  • fatigue
  • a history or an increased risk of falls
  • respiratory conditions such as COPD
  • chronic pain

How can occupational therapy help?

Occupational therapists use a wide range of interventions to support people to engage in their meaningful and daily activities. Our occupational therapist can work with you either in your home or in the clinic to support you to be able to do the things that are important. Interventions can include:

  • Completing practical and cognitive assessments to determine areas of difficulty
  • Assessing transfers and activities of daily living (such as washing and dressing and kitchen tasks)
  • Problem solving ways to modify the way the activity is performed
  • Suggesting adjustments or aids that could make things easier
  • Providing practical tips, techniques, education and guidance on ways to complete the activity
  • Teaching new skills or strengthening existing ones to assist recovery
  • Developing coping strategies to support people to manage their own condition, such as chronic pain
  • Promoting and encouraging independence through meaningful activity

Current Occupational Therapy Services include: 

  • Chronic Pain Self-Management Programme
  • Senior Exercise and Well-being Group
  • Aquatic Therapy Group
  • Home Safety Assessment (for those at risk of, or have recently experienced a fall)


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