Dwain McGuinness, BSc, MICSP Physiotherapist

Dwain graduated from The University of East London in 2012. Prior to studying physiotherapy, Dwain pursued a career in Strength and Conditioning. This knowledge and experience is something he can draw on with his patients on a daily basis. It allows him to rehabilitate patients through the prescription of corrective exercises and a gym program when necessary.

Dwain started his career at a large private practice in Dublin, Ireland. While working in Ireland he was the Head Physiotherapist with Kildare Senior Gaelic Football team. He also worked with the Ireland under 20 Rugby team in preparation for the Junior World Cup. In 2014 Dwain joined the team at Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd. Dwain has extensive experience treating a variety of conditions and injuries.

Dwain is actively involved with Cayman Rugby Club and regularly volunteers at sporting events islandwide. Dwain has a passion for sport and specialises in the treatment of sporting injuries. He understands the frustration that injuries can cause athletes and works hard to return them to the field of play within the shortest and safest time frame possible.

Dwain favours manual therapy when treating patients and recognises the importance of prescribing effective rehabilitation exercises to each individual patient. Dwain has continued to engage in professional development and understands the importance of staying abreast of current and best practice. In 2018 he qualified as a World Rugby Educator. This prestigious qualification entitles him to train other medical professionals in Sports Traumatology.

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